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Synergy in Motion: Driving Success in the Trucking Industry with Geotab

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The integration of iMarq and Geotab offers a significant advantage by establishing seamless connectivity across the entire fleet operation. Geotab becomes the centralized hub by consolidating data from various touchpoints, while iMarq transforms that data into actionable insights and tasks to enhance maintenance practices and provide a realtime a bird’s-eye view of operations.

Exploring the Future of Digitized Maintenance in the Trucking Industry With GEOTAB


One of the primary benefits of integrating iMarq with Geotab is the automation of maintenance work orders, including those for Preventive Maintenance (PM). In the past, scheduling and generating PM work orders required manual processes based on miles or hours driven, or going through DVIR reports to create work orders – all of which are time-consuming and susceptible to errors.

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