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Synergy in Motion: Driving Success in the Trucking Industry with Geotab

According to the American Trucking Associations, trucks move a staggering 72% of freight in the US. This is just one of the many statistics showcasing its pivotal role in global commerce, ensuring not just economic growth but the modern marketplace’s ability to function seamlessly.

But how this freight gets transported on the world’s highways is not without its own set of challenges. Rising customer expectations, obsolete technology, increasing pressure on supply chains, and a growing need to reduce operational costs make it all the more difficult for businesses to maintain fleet performance while ensuring workforce engagement.

Forging ahead is the open architecture mobile-first maintenance platform, Connixt iMarq, and its integration with Geotab, a global leader in connected telematics solutions. This will uncover new possibilities for the trucking industry, addressing the last-mile disconnect between the field and office while providing practical insights and recommendations aimed at enhancing fleet efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

The collaboration took center stage at the recent webinar where industry experts, Prabhu Ekabaram (Connixt), Jeffery Holtom (Connixt), and Bradley Quinn (Geotab), spoke about the value generated by this partnership.

The integration of iMarq and Geotab offers a significant advantage by establishing seamless connectivity across the entire fleet operation. Geotab becomes the centralized hub by consolidating data from various touchpoints, while iMarq transforms that data into actionable insights and tasks to enhance maintenance practices and provide a realtime a bird’s-eye view of operations.

iMarq automates maintenance tasks, including Preventive Maintenance (PM). Previously reliant on manual examination of Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR), work orders can now be automatically triggered based on factors such as location, mileage, hours driven, or vehicle diagnostics (e.g., engine light). Additionally, iMarq can easily update any back-end maintenance system including EAMs, ERPs, and CMMS.

Real-time tracking of assets enables more informed maintenance decisions, allowing dispatch teams to be quickly deployed. This reduces downtime and optimizes fleet efficiency, resulting in improved operational management.

Why should all this matter?

Because time is money. That’s essentially what companies save on. Since the entire maintenance stream is automated, operational costs are drastically reduced. This digitization also means that the people who need the information get it in real time. When work queues are managed better and processes made more efficient, there is more drive time, translating to better business for organizations.

While iMarq is the easiest way for organizations to achieve a connected ecosystem, where they can map, manage and optimize fleet, operations, parts, and uptime across every inch of the last mile, Geotab provides a holistic view of fleet performance, empowering organizations to achieve operational excellence. But it is the synergy between the two that has the transformative potential to revolutionize asset, workforce, and compliance management.

Interested to see how Connixt iMarq can help you digitize and automate your entire fleet operations? Talk to us today to get a personalized demo for your operational needs. Learn more about Geotab and their services here.

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