Your processes.
Your crew.
Your way.

Manage your processes, forms, checklists, workflows, and systems the way you want to maximize efficiency and compliance – within days, not months or years.

iMarq by Connixt is a cloud-mobile enterprise suite that facilitates end-to-end digitization of your assets, inventory, crew, and compliance, whatever your back-end system. All in one place.


reduction in paper and manual processing


increase in labor efficiency gains


increase in speed of updates from the field/ workshop

Why give your crew the iMarq experience?

Get there Fast

Rapid deployment, instant global onboarding – 48 hours to user


All transactions are orchestrated and integrated in the cloud (and back-end integration is optional)


Users want easy-to-use, intuitive mobile apps – and that’s what they get from Connixt

Your Forms

Your users will see your forms on their devices – not some canned one-size-fits-all form

Low IT Impact

No added infrastructure, no changes to your ERP / EAM, no maintenance


Your data is safe – ALWAYS – and neither Connixt nor anyone else can ever use your data

Integrated in sync

Seamless integration with your back-end system – everyone gets the same version of truth

Actionable Intelligence

Real-time analytics for executives, operations and suppliers

Integration With Back-end Systems

ConnixtConnect, part of Connixt’s Open Enterprise Architecture, allows for ready, no-code integration with any third party system(s), including EAMs, ERPs and CMMS including legacy and home-grown environments.

This maximizes flexibility with typically NO changes required to the your current systems, and with future systems should you upgrade or migrate.

ConnixtConnect includes a set of out-of-the-box RESTful and SOAP APIs that can be consumed by third-party systems, which allow seamless data transfer between Connixt MXF and other EAM/ERP systems.

  • Flexible
    Integrity every step of the way. In every decision. In every thought.
  • System agnostic
    Non-invasive (not hard-coded) integration
  • Future-proof
    Seamless with upgrades or new systems with no change to front-end
  • Reliable
    End-user experience is consistent irrespective of back-end system

Find the right solution for your industry

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Digital Transformation for Utilities Organizations

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