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Managing Time: From the Field to the Office

Emma Johnson

When you have office and field workers, time is of the essence.

As more and more businesses go mobile, it becomes more essential to track real-time information from the field. Not only does this ensure that services are completed on time, but it keeps both the back office and the clients informed in real-time; and keeps clients happy and employees productive. If your field team works in sync with the back office, communication is critical and fast responses are everything.

Fortunately, aligning your team, business processes, and time has never been easier – iMarq is an app that is ideal for any business with field teams or distributed assets such as utilities, manufacturing or construction. It’s the fastest means to connect your field crew, contractors, and temporary workers to your back office. From inspection reports, project status updates, repair requests, emergency maintenance, to instant damage assessment, your workers simply need to fire up this app to get to work in the most efficient way possible.

The field crew can also review, assign, and update work orders (and much more) while the back-office tracks results and responds to real-time information requests or updates. With the two teams working seamlessly together, productivity skyrockets.

Manage your business’s time more efficiently with the use of iMarq.

  • With accurate scheduling, you can get workers to the job site faster. When field workers update their status through a mobile app, schedulers can filter by location, availability, and skill to set up dispatch workers to get the job started sooner – making for very happy clients!
  • Eliminate paper time sheets and data re-entry with mobile time tracking and labor. It’s easy to misplace paper floating around a construction site. iMarq tracks workers’ hours and projects, all while keeping the important data safe.
  • Sending invoices have never been simpler with iMarq. From service tickets to non-PO invoicing, contract integration is included in this app.

Contact Connixt to get started with iMarq that automates your critical business processes with a mobile-first strategy that makes it easy to integrate your field workers, contractors, customers, and suppliers into your processes.

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