Drive Costs out of

Healthcare supply &
Delivery chains


Drive Costs out of

Healthcare supply &
Delivery chains

Digital Transformation for Heathcare & Delivery

  • Equipment / Asset maintanence
  • Remote care delivery
  • Compliance & Safety
  • Response Time

iMarq digitizes your healthcare supply & delivery chain

Equipment uptime and safety

Automated scheduling of preventive maintenance, service ticket management, digital checklists & work orders ensure your specialized equipment are working at their best.

Self-service Tickets

Accelerate response times by enabling self-service digital service request tickets that include annotated photographs and geotags.

Manage your specialists

Maximize the value of your specialists’ time through digital scheduling, matching requirements and time management.

Automated compliance

Automated reporting, digital document management and on-field data validation ensure that your team doesn’t have to work extra to ensure compliance.

Insight & Analytics

Enriched, digital information can now provide you with direct insight into who did what when and where and, more importantly, what’s pending and where the exceptions are.

Hear how your crew can go digital in a jiffy

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Healthcare maintenance digitization across all touchpoints

Supply Chain & Equipment

  • Specialized equipment inspection & maintenance
  • Self-service ticketing for service & incident reporting
  • Direct integration with OEMs, service providers, contractors
  • Scheduling and dispatching technicians
  • Parts and inventory

Remote access Delivery

  • Scheduling, working hours, billable time
  • At-home document review & upload
  • Manage care provider, and patient details
  • Care provider location
  • Records access & update


Labor efficiency gains


Reduction in paper usage

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