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Connixt and Your ERP / EAM System

Amy Garcia

What does a Connixt  implementation mean for your current systems

Connixt’s solutions provide much needed cloud & mobile functionality that is essential for efficiencies, compliance and ensuring uptime.  This out-of-the-box digital transformation for your field, workshop or facility generates proven and tangible ROI. The most frequent set of questions as businesses consider moving forward: “What of my current enterprise systems?  Will you work with it?  Our system is really old, complex, hard to integrate with etc.? Can you handle it?”

Connixt Plays Well.

We incorporate the concept of interoperability – Connixt’s Open Enterprise Architecture – into all of our cloud-mobile solution suites. Companies are increasingly reliant on Saas tools like Connixt’s, in addition to legacy enterprise systems. Having a systems-agnostic solution that brings them all together while extending and augmenting existing IT investments – and the accumulated intellectual capital – is essential to success. This is especially true for asset-heavy companies in the logistics, heavy equipment and utility industries that need to balance maintenance, personnel, scheduling, and numerous other changing variables.

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Asset Management (EAM) systems that form the digital infrastructure of these companies often need help when it comes to addressing the particular needs outlined above. That’s why we’ve designed our system to work perfectly with the technological systems developed by other vendors.  Two such examples:

  1. We recently became an IBM Business Partner providing Maximo integration with our iMarq suite
  2. Fleet managers are now able to extend their Samsara telematics into automated maintenance scheduling and part requisition using iMarq

These are just two instances where our experience in integrating with various back-end systems has helped Connixt develop the perfect plug-and-play solution for extending and augmenting the functionality of legacy ERPs and EAMs. In a landscape where large-scale enterprise software has a lengthy implementation and maintenance process, integrative mobile solutions offer the perfect way for companies to quickly and effectively deliver the modern tools the crew needs without having to invest in massive upgrades, migrations or extensive integration services.


Upgrade/migrate or extend & augment?

Just like our clients, the team at Connixt has spent countless hours withessential front-line workers. On the one hand, organizations have their familiar asset management and resource planning systems that work perfectly for the back-office and reporting. On the other hand, the front-end crew (that last mile) should be able to do more with powerful mobile devices as an alternative to clipboards, scan/email and data entry. Here’s an analogy that we find helpful when describing this situation:

Your car runs well but has some nagging issues – perhaps your fuel efficiency is way below what you like. If you could find a way to quickly get your fuel efficiency up in your current car, you would take it up. You wouldn’t want to continue to spend more on fuel or let your car go unmaintained till you are able to change your car, would you?

Of course, your company’s ERP/EAM systems are crucial to the success of your business and should function as efficiently as possible. But the average migration or upgrade can take anywhere from 6 months to a few years before full functionality, not counting the time spent on change management. That plan to migrate or upgrade shouldn’t stop you from extracting greater efficiencies from your current system if you can get it within weeks. Your business still needs to function in the meantime, and systems-agnostic cloud-mobile solutions can help you navigate that transition more smoothly.  We have discussed this in greater detail here.

Enhanced ERP/EAM Functionality with Connixt

The cloud-mobile era is completely revolutionizing how enterprise digital infrastructure functions. The days of centralized servers, physical connections, and complex user interfaces are long gone. Lightweight digital solutions are able to scale much more quickly and effectively than legacy systems.

The reality of large EAM and ERP systems is that they operate in a highly structured, customized manner that works perfectly for your business. Unfortunately, the manufacturing, transportation, and utilities industries are quickly changing in the wake of new technology, and large software systems aren’t designed to adapt quickly enough to these changes. These systems are also not designed with essential front-line workers like mechanics, drivers, and skilled technicians in mind.

The highly configurable nature of Connixt’s iMarq™ and iPrime™ mobile app suites allows them to bridge the gap between existing enterprise platforms and the mobile workforce that feed off the information these systems provide. We focus primarily on end-user experience and help bridge the divide between them and ERP/EAM back-end functionality. We’ve perfected this methodology to provide our customers with quick, effective solutions that don’t require a complete change of their enterprise infrastructure.

Like we said at the beginning, Connixt plays well.

If you want to learn more about how iMarq and our other cloud-based mobile solutions are transforming the manufacturing, transport, and utilities industries, reach out to the team at Connixt today!

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