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Benefits of Auto Replenishment: Optimize Your Replenishment, Increase Your Profit!

Amy Garcia

Check out why automated replenishment should be a necessity in your company.

As a business owner, you have a lot to manage. From employees to tasks to clients to paperwork, there’s plenty to do. One of the weightiest tasks of all is making product replenishment accurate and efficient. After all, without stock or services, your business grinds to a halt.

For companies that need to manage a large number of SKUs, one of the most efficient ways for them to manage and maintain correct levels of stock is to use a replenishment system tailored to their operations. When thousands, or even millions, of different products need to be managed, manual counting and ordering inevitably consumes a lot of time and resources and the business suffers.

An efficient replenishment system offers three broad benefits:

1) Reduced process costs

2) Lower stock levels and improved inventory turnover

3) Higher service levels

An auto-replenishment process never stops working – it constantly monitors stock, tracks consumption, reviews min/max rules and creates replenishment orders. Human errors, such as forgetting to place an order or remembering the correct Reorder Quantity, are eliminated!

Customers, suppliers, and distributors all benefit from a well-implemented auto-replenishment system.  Inventory is reduced across the entire supply chain – not just for the customer.  The high cost of manual tracking and related errors are eliminated.  And, finally the number of manual touch-points is reduced to everyone’s benefit.  Suppliers and distributors don’t need to send their reps to simply count inventory; customers don’t need to provide ERP user logins (license costs!) to their suppliers.  A simple mobile app that scans and records material issue is all that is needed.  And ERP overhead can be reduced if min/ max and replenishment logic is maintained in the cloud – not in a spreadsheet or in a file, and not certainly in someone’s memory!

Are you ready to get your business geared up with a reliable mobile app that can do all of the above – and more? Contact Connixt in Cerritos, California to get started on the best apps that automate your replenishment with a mobile-first strategy!

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